Hello folks.

I am by no means better at life than you. I make a lot of mistakes, and I make them everyday, and sometimes I repeat the same ones over and over. This blog is not about me having all the answers, cause only Oprah has all the answers.

However, after living as a pseudo-adult in Manhattan for 8 years, I do think I have gained some unique perspectives. I wanna talk about self-love, and about sex, and about relationships and school and work and clothes and hopes and dreams. That’s a broad list I know, so I guess it’s better to say I wanna talk about how women live their lives everyday. I have been lucky enough to learn from some amazingly dope women, and as I continue along life’s journey I am trying to reaffirm and reimagine the brainy feminist I hear in my head. I have been slowly finding my feminist since I started college, where I majored in English but also managed to earn the first Gender/Sexuality studies minor my college ever issued. And yes, my Master’s degree is partly in Gender Studies. The other part is writing. So I am somewhat qualified to be writing about women… yay!

Now let’s talk about feminism. I want to make you love it. It is not scary or man hating or weird. It is simply loving the fact that you are a woman, and demanding that everyone in your life treat you with respect and consideration the same way they would a man. You deserve to be taken seriously. You deserve the chance to speak, move, and follow your dreams. You deserve to make your own happiness the focus of your day. If you think you are doing all that, you may be right. But it’s been my experience that we all fall into some common traps without even knowing it, and that’s why I wanted to write to you. To point some of those traps out, and to show you how deep and subconscious and accepted sexism has become in our culture.

Now, I am not the only person with a unique perspective. All of us have had unique experiences, and we all occupy a specific place in time and culture. So obviously, I want to hear from you. This should be a dialogue, so we can learn from each other. While I don’t expect you to agree with me on all points, it shouldn’t be a bash fest. We won’t get anywhere if we can’t support each other, so keep an open mind and let’s lean more towards a love fest. I’m excited about exploring this crap with you guys, cause let’s be honest, it’s still hard being a girl in this post-millennium world.

PS/Sidenote: The photo I’ve chosen to display is my Halloween costume from this year depicting the infamous Rosie the Riviter WWII propaganda. I completed an entire Bikram yoga class in that costume and won a prize.

PPS: This blog had what I like to think of as a first life, and now a reincarnation. Since my days as a grad student I have published some poetry, finished a whole freakin’ book, worked in retail, become a trained sex educator, and fallen in love with a terrific partner. I hope to incorporate the new knowledge these adventures have brought me into my posts. I’m grateful and humbled by the lessons I’ve learned and the encouragement I’ve received. Namaste.


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