Goldie Blox!: Happy Monday

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl last night (I don’t have cable, and I don’t care about football.) However, I did listen out for news about the score, and the halftime show, and most of all the ads. The MissRepresentation Project has launched a new app allowing you to call out sexist advertising, which is super dope. But there was at least one ad last night that go the #mediawelike tag instead of the #notbuyingit has tag of shame.

You may remember this video (if you are tuned into this kind of thing…) featuring company CEO and inventor, Debbie Sterling:

Goldie Blox, the toy company this video helped fund, won a contest by Intuit to become the first small business to run a commercial during the Super Bowl. Here is the ad they got for 4 mill:

Love it. Girls building things. Because there are still folks who think that gender bias is wishy washy bullshit, and that the wage gap is a result of women preferring certain kinds of jobs (which happen to be lower wage gigs) and that boys are just better at STEM. But we teach little girls and little boys a different set of rules about the world they grow up in. They are guided towards different skill sets and different mind sets, even different rules for what is acceptable interactive behavior. I can only hope that this ad is the first of many big breaks for Goldie Blox and companies like it, so that little girls and little boys can live in a world with ever more expansive possibilities.



What do YOU think?!

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