Guys, I had a total un-feminist moment yesterday. It was the moment I started watching video and photos from the Royal Wedding.

Ugh, you’re all thinking. More of this crap. And my only answer, sadly, is yes. I was completely enthralled. She looked so stunning, exquisite really. And he had that military thing happening, and they are young and hopeful and the whole event, all the ceremony and tradition, is a part of this mega long history. It is truly an epic moment in time.

So gorgeous. Her sister came to play too, damn

Now, this is the stuff that fairytales are made of. He is a prince, seriously, all dignified and handsome. She is not royal, but carries herself with this incredible grace. They meet at school, fall in love, and by god she is going to be the Queen of England one day. That is effing crazy. And I was watching and just overcome with the story of it. This moment that they were creating, sharing with the world, and actually making history with. It was like all those little girl moments reading and watching Disney movies, the ones where everyone is beautiful and overcomes evil and lives happily ever after. I was just so taken with her, and with how sincere and gorgeous it all seemed.

it's almost all too much. *sigh*

Of course, as the day went on, I kept wondering how it was possible that I was so drawn in. I don’t even like weddings. I don’t think marriage is a good idea at all. How was it that I was so enthralled with these images? Because the truth of the matter is that behind the images and the narrative are two young people who are officially in it for the long haul. This girl, who was born into a normal family (albiet well off) is marrying into a pretty dysfunctional situation. Royal families are notoriously cracked out, monarchies are a strange strange construct. And these two will have to contend with their public persona, dealing with responsibilities that none of us could ever dream of. And there will be constant scrutiny, any little mistake will be spotlighted and replayed and discussed from every angle. The chances of their being truly happy… I’m not sure. I suppose that life brings different kinds of joy, different goals and different plans. But it is a huge life to take on, and I’m not sure that picking the right dress means that she is prepared.

Well, the truth is, I still can’t believe how perfect she looked and how lovely the whole thing was. I have no idea, underneath the public perception, who these kids really are. And who knows whats going on with the monarchy. They should clearly skip Charles (who married Camilla after Di died which I think is an absolutely heinous move) but then again maybe the Queen will live forever or maybe they will do away with them all. But just remember that there is always a story after the story ends. This day was beautiful, but the ‘Happily Ever After’ part is certainly not a given. No, that will be hard work, done for the rest of their time together and done in the public eye. I hope they make it work, defy the odds, break the mold. But I wonder how far you can stretch ‘young and beautiful’ and hope, when the odds of success in a civilian marriage are so small, and you are trying to actually be married and balance those crowns…

Just for fun:


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