Les Bisous

Guys, this is gonna be a pretty simple, straight forward post. It’s about kissing.

(Takin’ it back!) OK, so I love kissing. It’s my absolute favorite. Really, I like it better than sex. And now you’re saying “Lex, come on, seriously?!” Yea dude, seriously.

Here is why: The first reason is because kissing is what starts it all off. There is so much possibility in a kiss. And, honestly, it makes or breaks it. If you can’t get the kiss right then the rest of it is off. Not to mention that kissing is infinite, whereas sex is very finite. As in, it ends. And orgasms are great (GREAT), but they don’t last forever, and I can give them to myself. But I can’t make out with just me.

First kisses: So great! Surprising, stomach butterfly-ing, romantic. A good make-out partner is like a good dance partner. Everyone has to have good rhythm, and you have to trust the other person. Oh! And I love old movie kisses, so abrupt and black and white and tortured.

And speaking of kisses in the rain…

Ok, that was gratuitous. But seriously, does it get any better? I love realizing that someone is looking at me like they are about to kiss me. And only a kiss has the power to transform a room into the falling starlight fantasy dance scene from West Side Story. I couldn’t rank the best orgasms or one time sexual experiences I’ve had, but I can damn sure tell you my top 5 kisses of all time. In great detail.

Plus, kissing has all sorts of health benefits. A new one I just found, thanks to the Babeland Blog is that kissing can relieve your allergy symptoms. SCORE! I am gonna do my best to be a makeout whore all spring, for the hayfever relief ov 😉

Ultimately guys, kissing is the most innocent of pleasures. It’s how it all starts, but it’s also usually where it all ends. I like being kissed without explanation and without expectation. I like being kissed when I don’t feel like its a means to an end. I like being kissed out of the blue. I like a dynamic kiss, with crescendos and rests. I like kisses on rooftops at night, I love kissing on the subway, I love hello kisses and goodbye kisses and good morning starshine kisses.

I don’t have a lesson or a point, I just wanted to say that kissing is great and we should all do more of it and if you wanna make out, well me too. With a thousand sweet kisses, I’ll cover you…


What do YOU think?!

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