So You’ve Got the Necessary Supplies…

So now that I’ve got all these condoms, how do I go about putting them to good use?

I’ve been watching the Oscars, ogling Mila Kunitz, drooling over JTime and marveling at how fucking amazing Natalie Portman looks pregnant. Damn. Now, Ms. Portman didn’t just thrill me in ‘Black Swan’, she also made me laugh and want to get laid in a lovely picture she made with Ashton Kutcher called ‘No Strings Attached.’ In case you somehow missed it, here is a trailer:

Now, as luck would have it, Justin and Mila are also making a film about this situation. Trying to explain to you how excited I am about this movie is truly impossible in this medium. Here is a trailer, I hold my breath when I watch it, I can hardly stand it:

Now, I am sure I am going to thoroughly enjoy the latter film as much as I enjoyed the first. But what is this sudden flux in movies about friends who fuck? Could it be because we are all trying to figure out why it is SO GOD DAMN HARD to feel the same ease, comfort, trust and joy in our romantic lives that our friends provide? All these movies seem to be a bit cautionary, espousing that eventually sex will in fact lead to love. Which, to me, isn’t that surprising if you were friends first, because in that case obviously you already liked/cared for one another (hopefully.) I kind of think this is a smart way to go, but its also a difficult transition to navigate. I usually go the other way (sex->friends) which I think is way easier. Friends to lovers, though, is actually really appealing to me. In that scenario you already know a lot about a person, hopefully you care about them and thus are less likely to do hurtful things… My problem is that I feel sexual attraction really hard when it’s there, and I’m super bad at ignoring/putting it off. I suspect that these movies are indicative of an age where sex happens faster, where categories are getting blurrier and less easy to navigate. And where we are all hungering for those movie-magic moments, when the camera closes in and the light dims and we feel a kiss perfect enough to sing about (or at least have someone play ‘As Time Goes By’ on the piano in the background…)


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