Follow up! The Emphasis on Safe Sex Continues…

So I went to Babeland, as promised, to talk condoms. There was a lovely ‘sex educator’ who spent lots of time with me, and agreed to pass on the idea for an organized program about this topic. She was super knowledgeable and helpful, and here are just a few fun facts I learned:

– All condoms have expiration dates on the back. So that clears that up.

– You should store them in a place without moisture and very little pressure, so no wallets or back pockets.

– Reservoir tips should be pinched when you put them on, so there aren’t air bubbles. Air bubbles will pop.

– There are ridges and there are dots. Different sensations. Try both.

– They should roll down, unrolling outwards not inwards.

Ok, there was a lot more, but thats all I remember well enough to feel confident about passing on. The great thing about going to Babeland instead of a DR or CVS is that a) it’s a sex positive, female focused establishment, b) they have greater brand variety and c) you can mix and match condoms, which are all about $1 each, and its buy 12 get 1 free.

Rivington St! and Ludlow!

I split a dozen with my lovely partner in crime Uptown Girl, I couldn’t help myself, they seemed so fun! The Birds and Bees are packaged fun: ,

and the Vivids have large and ultra thin: .

Finally, the Proper Attires have Dots, XL, and Ultra thin,

and some of their profits go to Planned Parenthood!!!: 

Finally, the website has a wonderful section on How to Choose a Condom. I hope you find all this information as helpful/empowering as I have. It’s bullshit that I had to learn geometry and chemistry, and somehow that is supposed to be more helpful than the information above. I mean, honestly. If you guys have questions, or if you wanna organize a trip to Babeland, holler at your girl.


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