Let’s Listen to Jon Stewart

Ok guys. Instead of me going on and on about this, lets just listen to Jon Stewart. Go watch that video and come back. I’ll wait.

Daily Show Video

My friend Uptown Girl is here, and we are both just pretty furious. In particular, she hates that Michigan lady Michelle Bauchman. Remember, just because a woman is a product of the feminist movement doesn’t mean she has feminist values or ideals. Ick.

Ok, now go watch how AMAZING Whoopi is. Joy is dope too. Seriously, I’ll wait.

The View Clip

I mean, does anybody care about women’s healthcare? Or about the low income population? Or about women in general? Whoopi is the bombdotcom. Hassleback contributes nothing. That billboard is out of control heinous. I hope people get angry enough to do something.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’m with Tim Gunn on this one…

whatever happened to ANDRE? carry on with your healthcare services!

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