Props to Cali

2 post day, you know something is amiss, a foot, a… something’s up.

Guys, Planned Parenthood continues to take huge hits from the idiots we let run the country. I tend to agree with Jon Stewart that Congress is pretty useless, and I get seriously frustrated with the way things work. We need to yell back.

This is California Congresswoman Jackie Speier. She got personal. I think it was extremely courageous, and I admire her honesty and emotionality.

I know this is a contested issue, but she spoke so candidly it was refreshing and inspiring. She totes spoke my mind entirely when she called that asshole from Jersey out. This procedure is serious, and women aren’t running around willy nilly all eager to do it. But it is sometimes necessary, sometimes life saving for medical or personal reasons. And it has to be noted, and LOUDLY, that Planned Parenthood does way more than provide abortions. It also needs to be noted that abortions are still legal (although they’ve been chipping away at abortion rights since Roe vs. Wade passed, and you should check your state laws to see just how far they’ve managed to limit women’s rights. It varies…) Use your voice! Its been less than a century that we were granted the right to participate in the political realm. If women could get it together and harmonize in a collective voice, we would be super duper powerful. In fact, we could take it all back. That’s right, it’s finally out, this whole blog is really about female world domination… j/k LOL I digress.

Support Planned Parenthood so we can ensure that Margaret Sanger’s legacy is protected, and for gosh sakes can some of you smart sassy bitches get a law degree or whatever the hell it takes to get into Congress so that we can be seen, heard, and recognized as full and complete persons. Women’s health care isn’t secondary or unimportant, it’s not extraneous and its not cut-able. We gotta take care of each other, cause if we leave it up to them… well, you see how those nitwits reason. Oy.


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