OMG Shoes!

Alright, well hopefully you guys vibe where I’m coming from.

Just bought these shoes, super on sale, from a cute little store on Orchard St called Kaight’s. Visit, seriously. I know, they are bomb, and let must just tell you they make my legs look unreal. But then again, that’s what heels are for.

So the Crabs and I threw a seriously baller party last night. Lots of good friends, lots of recyclable materiel to clear out this morning after. There were heart to hearts on the roof, lots of laughing, some shot taking, coats and black plastic bags from the bodega on my bed. Totes a success. I wore these shoes around for about 1/2 the night. Now, while they are super adorable, they are still new, and they were in fact hurting my feet. Well Lex, you are asking, why keep them on? Especially since you were in your own home?

The answer is kind of embarrassing. I was hoping a boy I wanted to think I looked pretty would show up. He never made it, but I diligently kept those heels on, hoping he’d come walking in the door and just be dazzled. I thought these unique, fun shoes would remind him how unique and fun I am. What a good idea I’d be. I was hoping he’d realize, in that moment, how kissable and lovable I am.Oh man, there are so many reasons why this lunatic logic makes no sense. First of all, this particular boy isn’t new. He knows what I look like. He’s seen me on super pretty nights, and also hungover mornings and also chillaxed afternoons. To think that this particular pair of shoes (and super flirty black dress) was suddenly gonna make him fall for me, after all this time, is silly.

But isn’t that what they want us to think? That with the perfect make-up, sexy ass shoes and the right dress, our nights will be magical? That’s why we are all crazy with the dieting and dress buying and uncomfortable shoe wearing. Listen, obviously wanting to dress up, put on a pretty dress and sexy shoes is not a bad thing. But it’s more than that, isn’t it? We do it cause we think with the right combo we will land that elusive crush, or finally make that boy see the light. But the real answer is that the right guy will think you are gorgeous after Bikram yoga, or first thing in the morning with smeared mascara and a cranky attitude. And this is SO HARD to believe.

Well, I finally took those shoes off around 2am. They were pretty, but if we are being for real honest (which I always try to be with you guys), they wouldn’t have made a difference in this particular situation. I’m not gonna put those shoes on again until my sole reason for wearing them is that they make me feel sassy. Cause any boy that wants to kiss me on the mouth should damn sure think I look sexy in slippers, sandals, heels and hightops. Just sayin.


2 thoughts on “OMG Shoes!

  1. Did you really buy those shoes??? lol they look like princess shoes… I think jasmine has them.

    anyway…im sure they look fab! but I agree with this whole thing about how we dress because we think the night is magical. the exact opposite happens to me… I’m just going to wear my t-shirt and jeans from now on. Screw ’em.

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