How precious is J Biebs?! That picture is purely entertainment. The rest of this post is gonna be way less precious.

I don’t like Valentine’s Day. But its not because I’m single and bitter. I’m actually single and happy, most days, and I do just fine so don’t worry your pretty little heads about that. The thing about Valentines Day is that if you have someone special and you want to celebrate your love and affection for one another, you should. And you should do so in a way that is personal to your story and your journey. And that is lovely. I love celebrating love, if I could its all I’d do 24/7.

But we fucked up this whole day. It’s this weird ritual now, and its not about love it’s about buying shit. The commercials are so infuriating. First of all, they make all men look really inept and forgetful and insensitive. Which isn’t true. I know plenty of romantic, sweet guys (both of the Crabs fit this category), just like I know plenty of jerks. As for the ladies, they portray all women as high maintenance, demanding bitches. I mean, I’m very into showing people how you feel, but why is it that its men who are proving to their wives/girlfriends that they care with expensive flowers or diamonds? I mean listen, obviously diamonds and bling are gorgeous, but there are plenty of other ways to let someone know you like being around them. And personally, I’d much rather have a really random, unexpected silly and personal show of love than red roses on V-Day. The consumerism part is annoying, as is the part where I’m supposed to swoon if you shell out big bucks. Both partners in the relationship should be contributing to the celebration, if that’s what you’ve chosen. Duh.

So instead of focusing on that, I say that we make V-day Vagina Day, which happens across the country when women perform “The Vagina Monologues.” Here is a lovely souvenir from Marymount Manhattan College’s performance last year, which was completely wonderful.

Usually, performance proceeds go to some kind of organization dedicated to ending violence against women, which we are all into. So if you are able, go celebrate women this weekend at a performance. -> http://www.vday.org/home

That’s a V-Day I can support. If you don’t have a Valentine don’t stress. Buy yourself flowers, give yourself an orgasm, and hang out with someone who makes you feel loved. Actually, reading that sentence back, I’d say we should all do that stuff as often as possible, not just February 14th.


2 thoughts on “V-Day

  1. our posts about valentine’s day could not be more different. lol

    there’s nothing wrong with having an extra day to specifically tell someone you’re into them.

    And that J Biebs picture is perfect

    1. Of course there isn’t, I said that!
      But you gotta look deeper about how we culturally fuck it up by making it about buying stuff. You should make everyday about telling the person you love that you’re into them, isn’t that why relationships are fun?

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